Link to a podcast by RSS feed

If you want to link to your podcast or any other podcast to Podvine you can fetch them by knowing the RSS feed. You can do this for either your own podcast (Although we recommend using your Podvine link directly) or use this to integrate listen buttons dynamically in your website or app. 

Podcast by RSS feed:[RSS_FEED]
This link will send you (301 redirects) to for example. 
Linking to a specific episode can be done by adding the episode GUID to the link, it's based on the unique combination of the RSS feed and the GUID to fetch the episode[RSS_FEED]&guid=[GUID]

Encoding parameters

Since GUID can be URL it's important to properly encode them to make sure they are passed correctly  encodeURIComponent should be fine and you will end up with an URL looking like this:
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